Why Us?

  • We remove the agency problem – our interests are always aligned with yours.
  • All-inclusive fee that is predictable and free from hidden extras.
  • Cover all aspects of property management, from renovations to tenant-finding and everything in between.

Let Us is the only letting agent in Glasgow* that makes a point of directly aligning its interests with those of its customers. The principal-agent problem is an epidemic in the property industry. When an agent is able to charge hundreds of pounds each time they find a new tenant, they stand to gain from high vacancy rates, at your expense. The same issue applies for inventory fees, contract renewal fees, or commission when managing repairs and maintenance. How can you be assured that an agent will work in your best interests when their business gains off your loss?

Instead, Let Us has built an innovative model that guarantees that we will put your interests first. Put simply, your fees are predictable, affordable and above all else – excellent value for money. In our management service, we don’t charge any hidden extras. When hiring us to manage your property you won’t pay a penny until the property is let. We don’t earn until you do, and when we do, we’ll only ever take a flat percentage – no hidden fees and extras.

Crystal clear fees

The same philosophy extends to all of our other services. Whether it is help getting your HMO application through the City Council, fitting fire doors to meet safety standards, or getting routine compliance checks renewed, our fees are crystal clear. Everything is designed so that you can concentrate on anything else in life that matters to you, confident in the knowledge that we are taking care of your property with as much care as we give to our own.

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*to the best of our knowledge, correct as of January 2024.

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